Olayer far infrared Professional high speed Hair Dryer is a revolutionary high speed blow dryer product in terms of features and technologies implemented by it. When you get your hair dried and styled by a professional hair stylist, you will find a unique smoothness and shine in your hair. You can get similar results at home by using Olayer far infrared Professional high speed Hair Dryer.

Hair dryers are mainly required after shower when you need to dry your hair quickly before styling it, but the problem with most hair dryers is that they dry the hair out and make it frizzy. With advanced moisture lock technology, the problem of frizzy hair is eliminated in this product and hence it is considered one of the best chi blow dryer.

Olayer Ionic far infrared Professional High speed Hair Dryer features

Some of the features that make Olayer high speed blow dryers one of the best in the market are:

  • Negative ion technology

Most hair dryers use heat to remove moisture from hair (traditional hair dryer will always get over heat to your hair) but Olayer ionic high speed blow dryers uses negative ion technology in which 100 million negative ions are generated which help in breaking up water molecules into finer particles. This allows moisture lock and retention of smoothness and shine in the hair.

  • Low EMF technology

The high speed hair dryer uses low EMF technology which produces static free results. Hence these low EMF hair dryers are best in producing frizz free smooth results.

  • Powerful but quiet

It is equipped with a 110,000rpm brushless motor with 21m/s fast speed wind which reduces hair drying time to almost half. With high speed 110,00 rpm brushless motor, it doesn’t produce a loud sound like other hair dryers. Its working is quiet and only 85dB.

  • Never damage hair

People with damaged hair are afraid of using any styling products in fear of damaging their hair further, but with Olayer high speed blow dryer, it is possible to style even damaged hairs. The 100 million negative ions helps to kill bacteria and protect the hair as well as keep it smooth and shiny with moisture lock technology, there is a smart air temperature controller in Olayer high speed hair dryer, which will measure the air temperature 60 time per second and that could control the air temperature automatically. Never worry about over heat to damage your hair.

High speed hair dryer BLACK

High speed hair dryer BLACK


  • Far infrared technology.
  • Foldable lightweight in design (folding size 200*95*45mm) and quiet during operating (85db)
  • 110,000 rpm brushless motor with 21m/s speed for quick and efficient drying
  • 100 million Negative ions for frizz free hair
  • Moisture lock for smooth and shiny hair
  • Contains 2 concentrator nozzle and diffuser


  • Price being a bit expensive than traditional hair dryer


This Olayer ionic far infrared professional lightweight high speed hair dryer might be a bit expensive then traditional hair dryer but it is worth its price provided the features that it provides. Olayer foldable ionic Professional powerful and quiet high speed Hair Dryer combines far infrared technology along with 200 million negative ion technology for heat drying as well as smart heat controller. The low EMF hair dryer eliminates static electricity and produces frizz free hair.

It helps to improve the moisture balance of the hair by breaking up the water molecules with the ions. Overall, using this Olayer high speed blow dryer will result in quick drying of your hair without your hair becoming frizzy, damaging or losing moisture. Hence you can style up easily as well as maintain the health of your hair.