Olayerpro far infrared Lightweight Powerful hair dryer: 110,000rpm brushless motor (6 time fast than old hair dryer) generates fast wind but quiet. Far infrared light. 100 million negative irons. foldable small size (19*10*5cm). Automatically smart air temperature control system to prevent overheating damaging hair. 12 modes setting for different hair texture (see user manual) and Cool shot mode, two concentrators nozzles plus one diffuser for different type of hair styling.

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Infrared Light High Speed Hair Dryer

Far infrared light hair dryer, magnet 360° rotatable concentrator nozzles and a diffuser, smart heat control system measures the air temperature 60 times/s, prevent extreme heat damaging hair.

High Speed Hair Dryer

High Speed Fast Drying, Brushless motor, Lightweight foldable hair dryer, 12 heat and speed settings with cool shot button to set hair styles, this powerful far infrared light high speed hair dryer delivers fast drying and styling, not only suitable for salons, but also for families, travelling, hotels and other places, suitable for all hairstyles: curly, straight, thin or thick hair texture.

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Foldable lightweight powerful high speed hair dryer, small size for travel, lightweight, fast drying and quiet hair blower

Fast drying high speed hair dryer

Saving you more than a half time drying your long hair, 100 million negative iron device to make your hair shiny, new technology chip of air temperature control system measures the air 60 times/s, No over heating damage hair.

Fast drying, quiet lightweight powerful hair blower with far infrared light

New technology to dry your hair fast and hair healthy care

high speed hair dryer

12 model setting for different type of hair texture, two concentrators plus a diffuser for family use, hairstyler, travelling, school, and so on

Choose Your Favorite Color

This powerful lightweight high speed hair blow dryer has 5 different colors, you can choose your favorite color.






concentrators and diffuser


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Foldable small size, easy to carry

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High speed hair dryer weight magnet diffuser


High speed hair dryer weight magnet concentrator


High speed hair dryer weight magnet concentrator

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